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***If you have not taken previous tests or quizzes or completed missing assignments before Fr 1/23, they will automatically convert to zero! I will not accept ANY work after Fr 1/23.***

Unit Test - Fr 1/23

Reminder: each assignment is worth 5 points. If you post late, the most you can get is 4.3 points.

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Political Humor: Analyzing and Creating Political Cartoons (Mo 1/12, We 1/14)

Political Humor: Analyzing and Creating Political Cartoons (Th 1/8)

Bowling for Columbine / Senior Breakfast (Tu 1/6)

Test (Tu 12/23)

Snow Day (Fr 12/19)

Bowling for Columbine (We 12/17)

Revamping the New York Times (Mo 12/15)

Conversation and Written Assignment (due Mo 12/15)

Presentation of Projects...continued (Th 12/11)

Written Assignment: The Auto Bailout (due Th 12/11)

Presentation of Projects on Global Pool of Money (Tu 12/9)

Project: Formula for a Disaster (We 12/3, Fr 12/5, Tu 12/9)

The Global Pool of Money (We 12/3)

Written Assignment: Brief for Indian Counter-terrorism Authorities (due We 12/3)

Post here. Write a brief [short report] focusing on one of the possible responses to the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. Address it to Indian counterterrorism authorities. Discuss in depth one response important for Indian authorities to enact upon in response to the attacks. For better than a 4.5 out of 5 refer to the NYT article “Terrorism in India” Times Topics page.

Attacks on Mumbai (Mo 12/1)

Written Assignment: Economic slump impacts environmental policy (due Mo 12/1)

Written Assignment: Change Comes to Washington (due Tu 11/25)

Policy Priorities Activity (Fr 11/21, Tu 11/26)

Assignment (Due Fr 11/21)

We 11/19 - Senate issues

Assignment (Due We 11/19)

Mo 11/17 - Health Care Systems around the World

Th 11/14 - Setting Policy on Health Care

Mo 11/10 - Health Care in America

Online Lecture: The Electoral College in US Presidential Elections: Logical Foundations, Mathematics, and Politics

Th 11/6 - Health Care in America

Mo 11/3 - Election!

We 10/22, Fr 10/24, Tu 10/28, Th 10/30 School-wide Election: Research and Development

Assignment (due We 10/22)

Mo 10/20 The School-Wide Election: Organization and Choosing Sides

Assignment (due Mo 10/20)

Th 10/16 The 3rd Presidential Debate

Viral Video: AFL-CIO Secretary Trumka on Obama campaign

Assignment (due Th 10/16)

Fr 10/10 The 2nd Presidential Debate

Assignment (due Fr 10/10)

Essay Questions: Choose one of the two

Review Terms and Concepts for test

There will will be 35 multiple choice questions on the following topics:

Fr 10/3 Vice-Presidential Debate debrief

Assignment (due Fr 10/3)

Mo 9/29 The First Presidential Debate

Bill Clinton on the Daily Show

Assignment (due Mo 9/29)

Read the following:

Th 9/26 Comprehensive Plan - Needs Assessment

Assignment (due Th 9/25)

Read the following:

Tu 9/24 Political Campaigns and Elections...

Assignment (due Tu 9/23)

Read the following:

Fr 9/19 Political Campaigns and Elections...

Assignment (due Fr 9/19)

We 9/17 Political Campaigns and Elections - Introduction

Assignment (due We 9/17)

Mo 9/15 Campaign Discussion

Th 9/11 Political Campaigns and Elections

DUE DATE REVISED: Assignment (due Mo 9/15)

Tu 9/9 Political Campaigns and Elections

Link Tip: "Hate Party" by Douglas Rushkoff

Assignment (due Tu 9/9)

Fr 9/5 The RNC nominates Palin for VP and McCain for Prez

Assignment (due Fr 9/5)


We 9/3 First Day Stuff



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