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Please note: I will not accept any back work or missing assignments after Monday, June 16.

Mo 6/16: Presentation: Your Museum

Tu 6/10 , Th 6/12: Your Museum

Mo 6/2, Fr 6/6: Presentations on 19th- through 20th-century -Isms Artists

Tu 5/22, Tu 5/27, Th 5/29: 19th through 20th century -Isms Artists

Tu 5/20: Simon Shama, Power of Art: Picasso's Guernica

Fr 5/16: Paper Due (Final paper for Seniors)

Tu 5/6: Presentations of Websites

Th 4/30, Fr 5/2: Art as Propaganda and Political Message

Mo 4/28 : Introduction to Art as Propaganda and Political Message

Tu 4/13, Th 4/15: video "House of Flying Daggers"


Due Fr 4/11: Two-page Discussion of Three Different Themes

We 4/9: Construction of Project

Th 4/3, Mo 4/7: Project development time


Tu 4/1: Project: Chinese Real Estate

We 3/26: Stuff found and Bollywood!

Th 3/20: Indian Antiques Roadshow

Th 3/20: Reading assignment and "find stuff"

Tu 3/18: "Non-Western" Art: Big Themes, Color, and Perspective

We 3/12, Fr 3/14: Presentations for "I've seen THAT before..."

Tu 3/4-We 3/12: Project - "I've seen THAT before..."

Please e-mail me the electronic versions of your presentations and handouts by this Friday, March 7! My e-mail:


Due Tu 3/4: Reading from "The Classical World" (continued)

Fr 2/29: The Parthenon

We 2/27: Ancient Greece: Humanism vs. Idealism?

Due We 2/27: Reading about Ancient Greece - Show & Tell

Mo 2/25: Do Now - Make up your password (5 points)

Rankings Spreadsheet

Th 2/14, Mo 2/25: Presentations on Neolithic / Ancient societies

Due Tu 2/12: Handout for the presentation

Tu 2/12: Development time: Presentations on Neolithic / Ancient societies.

Fr 2/8 : Neolithic

Due Fr 2/8: Reading Assignment and writing assignment: Writing the Art History Paper

We 2/6: Neolithic

Due We 2/6: Neolithic Explorations

Mo 2/4: Paleolithic Arts: What's on YOUR cave?

Due Mo 2/4 : Lascaux Caves Website

Th 1/31 : Interests Clarification Exercise: Jigsaw

Due Th 1/31: Homework: Explore the Met Timeline

Tu 1/29 : Meet 'n' Greet





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